In 2020, antivirus software is no longer capable of protecting a user’s privacy. If you want to turn into a digital shadow and keep prying eyes from monitoring your online activity, a Virtual Private Network is a must. By routing your traffic through encrypted tunnels, VPNs make it impossible for third parties to take “sneak peaks” while you’re surfing the web. AES 256-bit encryption, powerful protocols (like OpenVPN), and reliable servers make that possible.

The good news is — most modern-day antivirus products come bundled with a VPN for additional security. In this post, we’ll help you find the best…

What is Adware?

Is your web browser littered with ads every time you try to find something online? Did your PC start to run slower and freeze up periodically? If so, your device is likely infected with adware.

Adware or advertising software is a phenomenon implying unwanted software that displays ads on your device. Adware is considered a potentially unwanted program (PUP), a program that is installed without specific user’s permission. This program interferes with your online experience by showing excessive ads, pop-ups, banners, text links, and automatic play of commercials. …

Lightweight, AI-based Antivirus to Block Even Undiscovered Threats

Cylance Smart Antivirus is a lightweight antivirus solution, based on artificial intelligence, created by Cylance Inc. Recently, Blackberry acquired it for $ 1.4 billion. The program does not detect threats by traditional file signature. Instead, it uses an AI-based mechanism to identify threats immediately.

This approach significantly reduces all the impact on the performance of your system. For example, Smart Antivirus does not need to download a massive amount of files regularly or load a hard drive to perform a full system scan. …

Quarantine influenced billions of people across the planet, leaving them alone with the question: what to do when you can only see the four walls and a balcony at best. The Internet has become a real salvation for humankind. Users work and learn online, escape boredom with books, movies, TV series — and adult sites, of course. These services break attendance records, but we can see some risks behind the scenes.

The most popular adult resources, like PornHub and xHamster almost simultaneously provided free access to premium content to Italians living in the areas most affected by the spread of…

Souce: PCMag

This step-by-step guide to removing malicious Malware manually should only be attempted by people that are comfortable in working in the Windows registry and consider their computer skills as “advanced”.

The Windows registry is the central nervous system of the computer and serious damage can be caused by making changes in code. As such, use this guide at your own risk!

1. Give the Devil a Name

Your computer is running like an old dog and you’re getting bugged by annoying popup ads — or maybe you’re already dealing with the blue screen of death. …

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